Enrolling now for our Spring I term! Classes start January 3rd, 2022.
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Whether you know it or not, you already possess the talents to make a contribution to the world. If you’re passionate about interior design, fashion, graphic design, or business, Siba can help you develop your interests into a career.
Testimonials & Statistics
Accelerated Programs Accelerated pace for full-time students: 18-month Associate in Applied Science programs and 36-month Bachelor's degree programs. Part-time schedules also available
Classrooms Siba has small class sizes. On average, a 9:1 student to teacher ratio.
Trial Period Once accepted, first-time students have 30 days to attend classes, risk-free. (If you decide within that first month that you aren't in the right place for any reason, we will not charge you any tuition and your first term's book fee will be refunded to you.)
Jobs All Siba graduates receive lifetime placement assistance.
Fees At Siba, there are no hidden activity fees and you never have to purchase a textbook. One payment of $250 per term covers the cost of all textbook rentals, all supplementary instructional materials, lab equipment and computer fees, and even the cost of photocopies.
Tuition Tuition and fees are locked in when you enroll–unless you withdraw before graduating, they will never increase.
month accelerated degree programs
average class size
day trial period
placement assistance
covers all class expenses
tuition and fees increase
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“I wouldn't change anything about my experience with Siba. I am so happy with what I've learned, the connections I've made with teachers and industry leaders, and the volunteer and fashion experiences I've been offered.”
Olivia Perez
Caleres Drop Ship Specialist
“My Siba coursework helped me when it came to making my career choice in human resources. I have been in the field since graduation in 2014 and I must say if it wasn’t for Siba, I don’t think I would be where I am today.”
Ashley Betts
Human Resource Generalist at Union Station
“I would not be in this position if I hadn't acquired my Business Administration degree. I constantly use the knowledge I've obtained through the extensive coursework at Siba to help me navigate my daily job functions with accuracy and confidence.”
Angela Crigler
U City School District Business Services Specialist
“With the completion of my Graphic Design degree at Siba, I can now do everything from motion graphics, graphic consultation, video, and all types of graphics. The possibilities are endless.”
Levander Ridgel
Graphics Factory Installation Manager
"I was accepted, pushed, challenged, assisted, helped, taught, fostered, promoted, encouraged, urged, elevated befriended, guided, educated, instructed, inspired, connected, and led by example."
Maria Gallagher
MG Design Enterprises
“I was pleasantly surprised how small & intimate our classes were. It allowed the instructors to focus more easily on students with difficulties.”
Tara Heth
Interior Design alumna
“Career Orientation was extremely helpful. After correcting my resume, I’ve gotten many callbacks and interviews.”
Kristina Daniels
Fashion Merchandising alumna
“I learned a great deal that I can use in my retail business. I have an entirely different outlook on the retail industry.”
Karen Boyd
K and K Retail City, Inc.
“I'm extremely humbled to have such a great support system at Siba, and definitely wouldn't have done as well as I have without it!”
Laura Guelker
Midwest Sales Representative at Perpetual Motion Agency
Our flexible degree options cost far less than most traditional colleges and universities, and we are able to provide more individualized services than larger schools. Learn from friendly staff at a vibrant urban campus. Our mission is for you to leave us, degree in hand, with the skills and connections necessary to succeed in your chosen field.

Hello D.C.!
Interior Design student forges new connections and makes memories in the Nation's Capital

Enrolling Now for the New Year
We believe 2022 is about new starts and fresh outlooks.  Join us for the term beginning January 3rd and beyond.