Becoming an Interior Designer

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By 2020 graduate, Kirsi Cushing

What was I doing? Was this an actual possibility, or a spur of the moment decision brought on by my frustration? Honestly, it was probably a little bit of both, but something felt right about it all, like this is where I needed to go, this was what I needed to do to find out once and for all, what I was meant to do with this creativity running through me.

When I stepped inside Stevens Institute for the first time, I felt a sense of belonging flood over me. It felt like a place that wanted it’s students not only to work hard and learn material, but thrive as they refined their skills. I felt all the more inspired as the tour continued on, and by its end, there was something deep down within me that knew, this was where I needed to be.

The rest is history. The next three years proved to be some of the most challenging, and yet most incredibly purposeful years of my life. I was brought to my breaking point, faced difficulties and curveballs I was not anticipating, but with each one, I became stronger and more certain that I was no longer an artist without a niche, but a designer with the goal of creating livable artwork through the medium of interior spaces.

I would not trade my experience at Stevens Institute for anything, because it gave me a sturdy foundation, reinforced by the challenges I faced along the way, and now, it is more than ready to be built upon as I journey into the mysterious post-grad years before me. It took a wrong turn, a leap of faith, and a 3 year journey at a college that allowed me to thrive and grow, but now I know, without a doubt in my mind, I am meant to be in this field, I am an Interior Designer.

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