Careers in Business Administration that May Surprise You

At Siba, we frequently refer to our Business Administration degree as our most flexible path to a career. With a curriculum that includes a comprehensive slate of essential business topics such as management, marketing, accounting, computer skills, human resources, finance, economics, and entrepreneurship, Siba graduates receive exposure to a broad range of business knowledge, and end up with jobs in many different corners of the business world. Some opportunities may even surprise you! Here are some lesser-known paths where we think a business background can shine….

Sustainability Manager

The demand for eco-consciousness in the workplace is a growing trend that Business Administration degree-holders can tap into as Sustainability Managers. According to Forbes, green jobs are among the fasting growing roles in the workforce.  Sustainability Managers develop and implement strategies to ensure that companies operate in environmentally responsible ways. They oversee recycling programs, manage resources efficiently, and work to reduce the carbon footprint. A background in Business Administration equips you with the strategic planning, analytical, communication, and management skills needed to have an impact in this role.

Nonprofit Management

Want to make a positive change in the world? If you have altruistic motivations for earning a degree, perhaps the nonprofit route would be more your speed. In this sector, Business Administration grads potentially oversee operations, handle fundraising, and ensure financial sustainability. With the robust number of non-profits in the St. Louis area, this is a thriving sector in which to implement your new skills.

Sports Management

It’s no secret that Saint Louis is a sports town, so why not transform your lifelong love of the game into a career in Sports Management? This role involves managing sports teams, facilities, and events, from the K-12 level to the big leagues. Beyond a deep understanding of the sport itself, it requires skills in marketing, finance, and operations – all skills you learn in Siba’s Business Administration program. Whether its negotiating contracts for athletes or organizing major sporting events, your Business degree from Siba could be invaluable in this line of work.

Healthcare Administration

If you love taking care of people, perhaps a career in Healthcare Administration is in your future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates more than 20% growth in this field before 2032.  This crucial role involves managing the operations of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Administrators ensure that these institutions run efficiently, comply with regulations, and provide high-quality care to patients. With classes dedicated to management, finance, and organizational behavior, Siba Business Administration graduates can start applying for these in-demand roles.

Real Estate Management/Development

For those who love the idea of working in the ever-changing (and potentially very lucrative!) world of real estate, a career in Property Management and/or Real Estate Development may be a compelling option that would be well served by a degree in Business Administration. This career path entails the creation, management and/or sale of residential or commercial properties. Successful individuals in this competitive career path need a thorough understanding of market trends, financial planning, and project management. A degree from Siba can help you understand the complexities of real estate projects, from securing funding, to managing communities, to marketing strategies.

Hopefully our list has given you some new ideas on the wide variety of opportunities a Business Administration degree can provide. At Siba, we offer both an Associate of Applied Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. If you would like to learn more about what Siba offers, reach out to a member of our Admissions team today!

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