Fun and Fanfare for Fashion Students at Tribute

Model by a ladder at fashion show

Mother Model Management’s over-the-top November runway show, Tribute, was huge success, and Siba student and alumni volunteers are reflecting on a job well done. This year’s event was inspired by the intrigue of the circus and iconic moments in fashion. Held at “The Big Top” on Washington Blvd in the revitalized Grand Center and featuring big-name models who got their start through Mother, the show proved to be an excellent learning experience and resume builder for Retail Management/Fashion Merchandising students and alumni alike.

Model by a ladder at fashion show

Sarah Bross, a 2016 Siba Retail/Fashion graduate who now works for Mother Model Management, oversaw the entirety of the show. “Tribute at the Big Top was the highest level of production we have achieved thus far. Mother Model created stunning video and audio content, impeccable styling complemented by Caleres shoes, and a show that was fun and immensely inspiring.”

People at a fashion show

Another Siba alum, Olivia Perez, facilitated back-of-the-house for the show—a job where organization and the ability to think your feet are essential: “Keeping an organized space is the most important aspect of back of house. After a few years of working with this team, we easily found our groove on the day of the show. Each stylist had his or her own space, and owned that area.”

Both Perez and Bross agree that having Siba student & alumni volunteers on hand was a HUGE asset. From helping with front-of-the-house responsibilities like seating guests and accepting last minute ticket purchases to back-of-the-house duties such as assisting stylists and designers, Siba students made a difference in the hours leading up to show time.

Students and models changing clothes

According to Perez, “The volunteers from Siba were wonderful—each one took on a task and ran with it! I think keeping a positive attitude as a volunteer is something I notice most, and did notice with students. We always appreciate any time and effort a volunteer puts in, and the show surely wouldn’t run as smoothly without them.”

First year student Monea Patton especially loved her role of scanning tickets because it allowed her to see all the fashionable attendees. Participating in the show gave her new insights into the fashion industry: “The entire day was a learning experience. There’s a lot more that goes into productions like this than what I thought before, and seeing everything first hand gave me new perspective on this particular aspect of the industry.”

Students at a fashion show

Siba was also a proud sponsor of Tribute 2018. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the show—what a fantastic production!

Fashion show with models and cast at finale

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