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Jack Petee

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Jack Petee arrived at Siba ready to soak up all the college had to offer. When he graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration last year, he left a lasting impression on his fellow students as well as faculty and staff. Jack’s leadership, desire to be involved, and unwavering positive attitude (more than evident in his responses below) are attributes that made him a standout on campus. Add to the list that Jack graduated at the top of his class in the midst of a global pandemic, and it’s no surprise we want to see what he’s accomplished in the short time since entering the professional world! We recently caught up with the alum to reflect on his experiences as a Siba student and to see what he’s been up to since graduation.

How did you initially find Siba? What appealed to you about the school?

When I was looking at colleges and programs, I knew that the traditional four-year university wasn’t the best option for my style of learning. I wanted something more intimate, personal, and preferably accelerated. I toured some community colleges before eventually heading to the internet to find local programs. Siba popped up and I liked the website enough that I decided to tour. Within one minute of walking in the lobby and feeling the “vibe,” I knew I wanted to attend.

What were some of your favorite classes or projects at Siba?

My favorite classes at Siba were the ones that directly related to real-life activities. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes like Business Communications and Professional Protocol where the main intention is teaching you to be a strong presence in the workplace in terms of how you speak, both in-person and email, and how to behave in certain situations. 

Any fond memories you’d like to share?

My favorite memories of attending Siba are the interactions that I had in the Commons. Being a smaller school, you’ll quickly recognize everyone’s faces and learn their names. I loved being Student Government President and getting the opportunity to plan events and fundraisers that helped facilitate the warm environment of the school.

You’re working at TD Ameritrade now. How did you find your job? What was the interview and onboarding process like?

I was actively hunting for any jobs that looked interesting to me on both Indeed and LinkedIn. Eventually, I found the TD Ameritrade job on Indeed and promptly applied. There was an initial phone screening in which I was asked to talk through my resume, and then explained the core duties of the job. After being deemed a good candidate I was then invited to do a video interview. I was very grateful that I had the interview prep class at Siba online as it made me a lot more confident in the digital aspect of interviewing.

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Do you feel your degree at Siba helped you prepare you for your position?

Yes. The beauty of the Business Administration degree is that you get a base level understanding of a wide variety of industries. When attending Siba, I was almost certain I would work in Project Management or Real Estate, but I’ve now ended up in Finance and I’m loving it. Having the intro to each industry was beneficial as I had an idea what the job would involve while interviewing with different companies.

Any tips for other Siba Business students looking to work for a company like this?

At some point you will be asked to list five strengths of yours. Knowing your strengths not only gives them an idea of who you are, but also gives you confidence going into interviews. A helpful hint I learned is that your strengths don’t have to be measurable skills. My top two are Relatedness and Enthusiasm which are attractive qualities for any people-related-role.

You recently graduated. What advice would you give to students just starting in the program?

I coined the phrase “passing is a team sport” while in classes as I truly believe it’s the best mindset. Everyone in the building wants you to succeed, so if you’re ever struggling, reach out to your teachers and classmates. No one wants you to fail.

What makes you proud?

There is a photograph of me sprawled out on the floor outside of the computer lab stressing about finals. Looking back, I would say I’m proud that all of the hard work paid off as I am quite pleased with the life I am living and the opportunities I am discovering. That being said, if you ever find yourself on the floor outside the computer lab… take a deep breath, look at that list you made of your strengths/things you like about yourself, remind yourself you’re amazing, and carry on. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it!

Great advice from a student who’s been there! While Jack would love to one day get involved in politics or higher education, for the moment he’s motivated to prove himself in his new position at TD Ameritrade. Always happy to connect with new and former students, Jack can be reached on LinkedIn or on his Instagram @thejackryan01.

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