Humor and Skill in Cat-Friendly Assignment for Graphic Design Students

Graphic Design students

Siba Graphic Design students took on an “odorous” challenge recently when they were given the opportunity to work with nationally-acclaimed St. Louis ad agency, Rodgers Townsend, in developing concepts for “Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer,” a consumer product designed to combat pet odors. Current Siba students and grads of the program created marketing campaign concepts for the product and then presented those ideas to Rodgers Townsend executives.

Graphic Design students

Students were given a great deal of creative freedom in developing concepts for “Urine Destroyer,” which promises to be tough on that cat urine odor that so many felines leave as their calling card.  And their imaginations definitely ran wild!  Using their individual creativity, skills honed in Siba’s Graphic Design program, and a touch of humor, students and grads came up with a variety of memorable designs:

A kitty vandal with a talent for graffiti…

Nature's Miracle products with a cat by a couch

A crazy cat lady with a not-so-stinky secret….

Nature's Miracle ad with cats and humans

Members of the Cat Mafia who have finally met their match…

Nature's Miracle ad with cartoon cats

… And, of course, a scratch and sniff ad, that promises not to offend.

Nature's Miracle ad with cats on furniture

Some students created print campaigns, while others story-boarded a potential TV commercial:

Nature's Miracle tv commercial layout

For Department Chair, Ed Engel, inviting alumni to participate in these projects serves a number of purposes, “By observing the advanced skills of our graduates, it gives the current students something to shoot for, while also giving the grads additional face time in front of potential future employers.”

A special thank you to our partners at Rodgers Townsend, particularly Vice President and Creative Director Kay Cochran.  We very much appreciate her ongoing support of Siba’s Graphic Design program by providing useful insights, constructive reviews, and thoughtful guidance to our students.

Another impressive “real-world” project by our talented students and alumni!

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