Open doors = Opportunity

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Open doors = opportunity. That is our mindset and our culture at Stevens – The Institute of Business & Arts, where we incorporate a campus-wide open-door policy from the moment you first visit us. Open doors create pathways for easy communication among students, faculty, administration, alumni, and community partners. To us, an open door is more than an invitation to “Come on in!” It’s a challenge to explore new ideas and possibilities.

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Accessibility to administrative staff at Siba begins in Admissions where prospective students have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with our Director of Admissions as soon as you apply so that there is already a relationship established even before your application is evaluated. We want to make the admissions/acceptance process as stress-free as possible for you.

We also know that navigating the world of financial aid can be intimidating to even the most experienced students, so our Financial Aid Director is readily available for both existing and prospective students for one-on-one meetings to help you complete your FAFSA, to explain the types and amounts of aid available to you, and provide the personalized information you need to make the best decisions about how to use your aid effectively. At Siba you will never have to figure it out by yourself.

Siba’s Academic Dean and Registrar, Dr. Emilee Schnefke, meets with all students every term so that she can help you plan a class schedule that meets your academic goals and works with your other commitments outside of school. At Siba you will never have to make your own schedule, so you will never end up off-track for graduation because you forgot to take a required class or took a class you didn’t need to graduate. Because Siba is so small, we are able to accommodate your ideal pace, whether you want to attend full-time and graduate as quickly as possible, or take things a little slower to allow more time for work or other personal responsibilities.

Accessibility to faculty members is an integral part of the culture at Siba. With an average class size of just nine (9) students, your instructors will know your name by the end of the first week of class. Siba instructors take an active interest in learning your goals and strengths and sharing their wealth of knowledge, which can uncover new skills and passions. Siba instructors also take notice when a student is struggling with a particular subject matter, and will offer extra help or tutoring when necessary. You will never feel alone or unnoticed in this community, that’s for sure!

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Siba’s Department Heads not only keep their own doors open for students, but they also open doors in the professional world. With long-standing ties to the fields in which they teach, many students’ first introductions to their dream career come through their Department Head. Projects with real clients, portfolio reviews with industry leaders, field trips, and networking events are just some of the ways our program leadership help guide you on your path.

“In the Fashion program, many instructors including the Department Head, Lynne Wasson, are members of FGI (Fashion Group International) which gives students accessibility to the movers and shakers in the fashion community,” said Danielle Calcara, Retail Management/Fashion Merchandising student.

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We know that life doesn’t always offer an open door to everyone at all times. But if you are enrolled at Siba, you will see that ALL of our doors are open to you, and it is our mission to open doors to your new career as often as we can.

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