Why an Accelerated Degree is the Answer for Skeptics

Perhaps one of the biggest decisions you will make in life is whether you will pursue a college education, and if so, what will that education look like? For someone skeptical about the time it takes to earn a bachelor’s or even an associate degree, we think the answer might be an accelerated program such as the ones offered at Siba. Students on the accelerated path at Siba can earn their Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in as little as 18 months or their Bachelor’s degree in 36 months. Here are five compelling reasons we think an accelerated degree might just be the perfect fit for you.

Start Your Career Sooner!

Perhaps one of your main concerns is the time it takes to transition from the classroom to a professional career. Siba’s accelerated degree programs give our students the opportunity to condense the traditional college timeline. In fact, we at Siba pride ourselves on the many internship, externship, networking, and mentorship opportunities our degree programs offer well before graduation – strengthening your arrival into the professional world. This not only means an earlier entry into the workforce but also enables our students to start building their careers and making meaningful contributions to their communities, resumes, and portfolios sooner.


One of the biggest concerns we address with our prospective students is cost. While we proudly offer students who remain continuously enrolled the guarantee to lock in their tuition rate so that costs are known and controlled, our accelerated programs also put our students in the fast lane to capitalize on their earnings potential. On the accelerated path at Siba, you’ll have fewer years in school, and a head start to pursue a career (and paycheck) you love.

Intensive Learning and Focus

Siba’s accelerated degree programs are designed to immerse students in their fields. Our programs guide students on the subjects that matter the most when it comes to landing a job. There is no excess or “fluff”. With a concentrated curriculum, students delve deeply into their passion, honing their skills and mastering the subject matter. What’s more, Siba’s focus on hands-on learning ensures that these newly-learned principles resonate well beyond graduation.

Adaptability to Changing Industries

Between rapidly developing technology and a post-pandemic economy that continues to evolve, an accelerated degree from Siba is inherently adaptable, allowing students to stay ahead of industry changes. By completing your education in a shorter time frame, you are better positioned to embrace emerging technologies, trends, and opportunities. Our programs encourage you to be nimble, and

works continuously to update coursework to stay on pace with the skills employers demand.

VIP Treatment for All Students

Siba’s 9 to 1 student to instructor ratio translates to a more intimate and nurturing learning environment where students automatically receive individual guidance and feedback. Our supportive campus environment creates a sense of community and collaboration, allowing students to form valuable connections with both peers and faculty. We also understand that most of our students have responsibilities outside of school to consider, so we do our best to make your school schedule work with those other parts of your life. If you are on an accelerated path and you need to slow it down for a term or two in order to better manage your other commitments, we are here to help you craft the course schedule that works best for you each and every term. 

We think it’s pretty clear; an accelerated degree at Siba offers a multitude of benefits. Our 18-month Associate degree programs* and 36-month Bachelor’s degree programs* offer motivated students the opportunity to earn their degree at a faster pace so they can get on with their new careers!

From faster entry into the professional arena to cost-efficiency, intensive learning, adaptability, and personalized attention, the advantages of choosing an accelerated path are undeniable. If you’re hesitant about the traditional four-year route, an accelerated degree from Siba might just be the alternative solution you’ve been searching for.

*Students who have attended other colleges and universities who have earned qualifying transfer credits can earn their degrees in even less time than 18 or 36 months.

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