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Woman in front of Conde Nast Building

A long-time member of our Siba family is making a big change at the end of the spring 2018 quarter. Emily Huey, Siba’s Career Services Director and Retail Management/Fashion Merchandising faculty member, will be giving up her full-time position to pursue a retail enterprise of her own.

Mrs. Huey’s career at the college began in 1995 when Siba was known as Patricia Stevens College (our name changed in 2010). Not long after graduating from grad school, “I looked in the phone book (that’s how many years ago it was) for colleges and universities that offered Fashion Merchandising programs, prepared my cover letter & resume, put on my best suit, and went to Patricia Stevens College and asked to speak to the hiring manager about a position. I got an interview on the spot.” After getting her foot in the door at the college and working as an Admissions Rep and Field Recruiter for a couple of years, Emily pursued an opportunity with the Missouri Athletic Club as their Retail Operations Manager. While there, she enhanced and expanded her experience in retail buying, merchandising, product development, and inventory control. But while she was gone, she had not been forgotten….

Woman in front of Conde Nast Building

When Cindy Musterman took over the office of college president in 1999, one of her first missions was to get Emily back to the college…and this time as a faculty member. Thankfully for her colleagues and hundreds of students, Emily accepted the offer and has been an exceptional mentor, educator and administrator ever since.

The fearlessness to take a chance on the unknown is a lesson Emily has passed on to her students over the years, “I tell this story to our Career Orientation students because I want them to have the courage to go get what they want!”

In her current role as Career Services Director, Emily has worked to help students polish their interview skills, edit their resumes, facilitate meetings between students and potential employers, and identify internship/externship opportunities. She has also been primarily responsible for organizing and hosting Siba’s annual Career Seminar where panels of alumni and employers come together to advise and mentor current students on industry trends and tips for getting hired.

Emily’s efforts have helped students connect with outstanding employment opportunities both before and after graduation, yet she humbly credits those successes back to the students who “worked really hard to network, and put themselves out there!”

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In addition to her work in Career Services, Emily has never lost her passion for the retail field. Through her leadership at Fashion Group International St. Louis (FGI), Emily gave her students a wealth of educational and networking opportunities. Her connections in the fashion world opened doors so that students could gain invaluable experience working behind the scenes at fashion shows in St. Louis and beyond, including New York Fashion Week.

Next up for Emily: she’s joined Source Retail Consulting to provide merchandise planning, peace of mind, and work-life balance to independent retail clients. After spending the summer growing her business and enjoying time with her husband and two daughters, we hope to see Emily again: “I will always be there for my Siba family, students & alumni and I want to stay connected. I would enjoy coming back to teach some of my favorite classes!” And of course, she will always be welcome to return.

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