Start Something New at Siba – Backed by Science!

There’s nothing quite like the clean slate the New Year offers come January 1st. The challenges of the former year are behind us with the promise of new goals and accomplishments to be met head on. What better time to pursue the educational and professional dreams you’ve been thinking about for a while now? What better time to finish that degree you already started either at Siba or somewhere else? Siba offers the promise of a new start along with the support and motivation you need once the shine of the New Year begins to rub off.

Why now? There’s science to back up the pursuit of resolutions in the New Year. Researchers dub it the “fresh start effect.” Their findings suggest that landmark dates such as the New Year, generate a “mental accounting effect” where individuals can more effectively put the past behind them and look to the future with a renewed sense of drive.

Siba Fashion graduate Danielle Calcara got her fresh start at Siba, finding a new sense of purpose after working nearly a decade in cosmetology. After enrolling and excelling at an internship at local fashion industry leader, Stars Design Group, Danielle was later employed by Stars. From there, she founded her own consulting business, and Danielle’s initial decision to study at Siba is now paying dividends as she pursues her dream as fashion entrepreneur.

So what made Danielle successful when she started something new at Siba? Social scientist, Ayelet Fishbach, outlines her strategies to see New Year’s resolutions to the finish line in her interview with Scientific American. Central to her strategy are skills such as setting realistic goals and establishing a supportive environment – core values of Siba’s educational approach.

With AAS and Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, Fashion Development & Merchandising, Graphic Design, and Interior Design, Siba’s VIP approach works to set students up for success. Siba fosters an atmosphere where students are encouraged to set realistic milestones. Our attentive Department Heads and involved instructors act as mentors, providing the necessary accountability to keep those resolutions and goals on track.

In her interview with Scientific American, Fishbach also emphasizes the impact of social support on the success of resolutions. Siba proudly cultivates a tight-knit community where students not only learn from each other but also provide essential emotional and creative support. With small class sizes, Siba fosters both individual goal-setting as well as collaboration. Our campus located in downtown St. Louis was designed to further inspire these interactions.

Finally, Fishbach also touches on the effectiveness of positive reinforcement in maintaining resolutions. Siba proudly celebrates the achievements of our students (have you caught our latest billboard campaign?).

To sum it up, we think the New Year offers a perfect opportunity to embark on a degree program at Siba – backed by science. Come see how our nurturing faculty and staff can help support your dreams in January and beyond. Learn more about what makes us unique at, check out our campus with a member of our friendly Admissions team, or send us your questions on our contact page. It’s a great time to start something new!

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