What it Means to be a Siba VIP


We are not exaggerating at Siba when we say that some very important people walk our hallways! Because we are small and specialized, we are able to treat all of our students and alumni as VIPs, and that is something that sets us apart from larger colleges and universities. And what better way to share that ideal with the community than to create a billboard campaign featuring Siba VIP Alumni from each of our programs? If you haven’t seen them already, they are currently being displayed on 25 digital billboards throughout the Bi-State region. The boards include both recent graduates who are already happily working in their fields and those who have been in the workforce building their careers for a few years.

VIP Jack Ryan Petee is a 2020 Business Administration graduate who impressed instructors from day one on campus and never stopped. Jack Ryan knew Siba was a good fit for him from the moment he took a tour of campus: “Within one minute of walking in the lobby and feeling the ‘vibe,’ I knew I wanted to attend.”

Siba offers both an Associates in Applied Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Jack Ryan opted for his Bachelors and got the most out of one of Siba’s most versatile programs. Learning about finance, human resources, marketing, and entrepreneurship, Jack Ryan began his career in the world of finance upon graduation. He works now as a Wealth Management Specialist for a worldwide investment company and is among the VIP’s featured in our billboard campaign.

Another Siba VIP you might see on your drive is St. Louis fashion expert and entrepreneur AK Brown: The Fashion Connector. AK, a 2013 graduate of Siba’s Fashion program has worked extremely hard to build her brand in the St. Louis fashion scene and has achieved success after success. From blogger to editorial campaign director to non-profit leader, AK has carved out her own niche to become a veritable force in the fashion community – particularly for voices in the local Black Fashion community. In addition to all of her entrepreneurial and non-profit endeavors, AK is sharing the expertise she’s acquired over the past 10 years with new classes of VIPs as a full-time faculty member Siba’s Fashion Development & Merchandising programs!

So what exactly does it mean to be a Siba VIP? Let’s start with the one-on-one attention our students get. Within the first week or two of enrollment, all Siba students are known by their first names by every one of their instructors. Every student has ready access to their Department Head, Career Services Director, Academic Dean, Financial Aid Director and President. Within a few months, our Department Heads start identifying opportunities unique to their students’ strengths, while investing time and effort in assisting in areas where they may need more help.

Our students’ individual learning styles, career goals and challenges are met with understanding and consideration. Opportunities that will allow students to establish valuable contacts in their field of study include: participation in professional organizations, mentorships with community leaders and working professionals, field trips to studios and showrooms, and internships which can (and often do!) lead to full-time job offers once they graduate.

Being a Siba VIP means we acknowledge and value the investment you’re making in your education. Your tuition rate is locked in when you start your program and will never increase as long as you remain continuously enrolled. There are no complex fee schedules or need to invest thousands of dollars in textbooks. Instead, all of your textbooks and campus resources are covered by a single $250 fee charged each term.

Additionally, our student VIPs complete their degree at a pace that makes sense for them. Siba’s accelerated option makes the most sense for some – completing a Bachelor’s degree in 3 years (or less if you have any transfer credits), or an AAS degree in 18 months (or less) allows students to earn their degrees and get started in their new careers sooner rather than later. For other students who have more outside obligations to juggle, our part-time and evening schedules (for some programs) allow them to work and/or meet family needs while still pursuing their dream of earning a degree.

Amani Miller is a great example of a VIP who had many “balls in the air,” as they say. While enrolled in Siba’s Interior Design program, Amani was able to earn her degree while still focusing on her family and a job. She even found time to take a leadership role in the Siba student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers Missouri East, which significantly enriched and expanded her education beyond the classroom.  Because we wanted to do everything we could to facilitate ALL of her goals, Siba faculty and staff were there to customize Amani’s class schedules accordingly. 

Siba’s dedication to the VIP treatment extends well beyond commencement. All of our graduates enjoy lifetime career assistance, whether it’s coaching with the application/interviewing process, making connections between employers and graduates, or helping fine-tune a resume and/or portfolio. We also welcome and encourage our alumni to come share their experience and insights with current students whenever they are able!

So while we hope you see our billboard campaign, we would love for you to visit our campus and experience the Siba VIP treatment for yourself. Our admissions team looks forward to giving you their undivided attention and answering all of your individual questions.  Learn more at siba.edu, or make an appointment to take a tour of our campus on our scheduling site. We’re enrolling now for 2024!

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